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Knowledge Repository

EthicalGEO Knowledge Repository

Welcome to the EthicalGEO Knowledge Repository. Our goal for this database is to provide accessible resources and information for researchers, practitioners, policymakers, and innovators regarding geospatial technologies and data sources that continuously reshape our society.

Defining our rights in an age of location track

Investigating how governments use data to draw maps, inform policing, and surveil citizens

Empowering communities seeking social, environmental and economic justice through geospatial data and tools

Encouraging ethical treatment of the planet through geographic enquiry

Exploring the ways in which geospatial data inform property rights

Explore our library by searching by title, author, or date in the top right corner. Each resource is also tagged with different topics and themes and given a custom summary in its ‘notes’ section.

Our database is updated regularly and is ever-changing and growing. If there is a resource that you would like to recommend for inclusion into our database, please send it to us at