EthicalGEO 2019

Title: Geoprivacy Video Toolbox for Educators
Author: Dara Seidl
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Description: The goal of this project is to create a toolbox of entertaining geoprivacy videos for educators to discuss with students. The videos will serve as a springboard for discussion about who is collecting location data, for what uses, and by what means. This educational tool is aimed towards the teaching of privacy and ethics in high school and college geography courses. Central to this project is recognizing and growing the agency of individuals to engage in personal location masking, or controlling the extent to which they freely give out location data. The videos aim to be entertaining, relatable, and current, keeping up with contemporary geoprivacy news stories, court cases, and academic research into the topic. The geoprivacy video toolbox will come with critical thinking questions tailored to different age groups.

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