Dara Seidl



Dr. Seidl is Associate Professor of GIS at Colorado Mountain College in Leadville, CO and a graduate of the joint doctoral program between San Diego State University and University of California-Santa Barbara. Dr. Seidl will use the grant to develop a video toolbox for educators to teach geo-privacy in high school and college classrooms. The videos will serve as a springboard for discussion of privacy issues related to modern location capture technologies and will come with critical thinking questions and follow-up exercises for students. As a geo-privacy researcher and educator, this project supports Dr. Seidl’s efforts to integrate the latest science on location privacy with entertaining and immersive teaching methods for ethics in geography and GIS.

EthicalGEO Project Results

The Geoprivacy Video Series is a resource for educators teaching ethical issues related to location data collection. The series of eight videos covers topics from the false identification of crime suspects using GPS data to the use of location tracking to vet job applicants. Each video link contains a short film and a PDF of activities, articles, and discussion points that high school and college instructors can use to enrich the privacy conversation in their classrooms.