Alexandra Kicior


Alexandra Kicior is a senior at the George Washington University pursuing a Bachelor of Science in International Affairs and Geography with a minor in Business. Upon discovering the Geography department at GW, Alex became intrigued by the intersection of her studies and in particular, the interconnected nature of the economic, political, social, and physical realities of different regions in the world. Her regional interests include Europe, especially due to her personal background as a first generation Polish-American and a French-language student. Alex believes geographical knowledge is key to understanding the ever-changing dynamics of the world around us. Whether through practical GIS skills or more theoretical concepts, Alex has come to hold an immense appreciation for the multi-faceted discipline that is Geography, and all that it has to offer. As Alex looks to her future, she is confident that her position at AGS will help connect her to a career path that encapsulates all her interests and skills. She continues, of course, to enhance her geographical knowledge in her everyday life through traveling, reading, and spending time outdoors!