• Locus Charter Supporters

    Locus Charter Supporters

    The Locus Charter has announced support from organizations working to advance the responsible and ethical use of location data.

  • EthicalGEO Fellows Report Results

    Following a year of research and fieldwork, the inaugural class of EthicalGEO Fellows have presented the results of their projects at the intersection of ethics and geospatial technology.

  • Location Tech Task Force

    We joined forces with the Henry Luce Foundation to build a body of knowledge surrounding the ethical implications of location technologies in the era of COVID-19 and beyond. Check out our Blue-Ribbon Panels and Leadership Spotlights to hear our expert testimony.

  • Knowledge Repository

    Providing accessible resources and information for researchers, practitioners, policymakers, and innovators regarding geospatial technologies and data sources that continuously reshape our society.



    Location Tech Task Force

    Location Tech Task Force

    Leading the conversation on the ethical impacts of geospatial technology and location tracking during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, in partnership with the Henry Luce Foundation.


    Locus Charter

    Developing an international set of principles and guidance for the ethical use of location data.


    EthicalGEO Fellows

    Supporting research at the intersection of ethics and geospatial sciences, in partnership with Omidyar Network.

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