The American Geographical Society (AGS) EthicalGEO Initiative seeks to activate thinkers, innovators, entrepreneurs, policymakers, practitioners, students, and everyday citizens and bring them in to a global dialog that shines a light on their best ideas about the ethical challenges and opportunities posed by the many geospatial technologies and data sources that are reshaping our society.

Just as the EthicalAI dialog has enabled a broad-based discussion about the future implications of AI, and the ways in which our society might steer the technology to our purposes, the EthicalGEO initiative seeks to spur a similar conversation around the flurry of geospatial innovations that have become part of our daily lives.

Thank you for submitting to EthicalGEO. Video submissions are now closed and under review.  Watch, comment, and vote for EthicalGEO ideas in the video challenge until September 30, 2019. 

The deadline to submit your video was 11:59 pm EDT September 10, 2019.

EthicalGEO Updates

Watch, comment on and rate submissions until September 30, 2019.